Superbowl Highlight Reel

My thoughts on the Superbowl are kind of disjointed. So I'll present them as a list, since its late and I'm not in the mood to turn them into longer funny paragraphs.

  • Right before kick off some dude, Josh something or other (Groban) sang some really sappy song, in honor of the astronauts who died in the Shuttle Columbia, one year ago today. Hey M-Unit do you realize one year ago today was when we first encountered "Blaze". Anywho this Josh guy was less memorable for his putrid singing but for the fact that he looked like popular British sci-fi character Dr. Who. See for yourself.

  • I didn't watch the pregame show, but having watched CBS' NFL Pregame show before I know that Jim Nantz, Dan Marino, Deion Sanders and Boomer Eisiason really don't have much to say. They can barely fill the normal hour they are on, I can't imagine the stretching they had to do for 5 hours.

  • At what point did Aerosmith start to suck?

  • I know Joe Nameth likes Suzy Kolber, but I think that Bonnie Bernstein is one foxy sideline reporter.

  • The guy who caught the opening kickoff was Carolina running back Rod Smart, aka HE HATE ME from XFL fame. Incidentally he was actually the last man to touch the ball as well.

  • Is it me or do the commercials this year seem to focus on animals getting smarter and smarter. The one with the Bud Light retrieving dogs, the bear who writes a check for Pepsi, or the talking ape who wants to do the hot girl.

  • WOW. I have a new found respect for Justin Timberlake, as the halftime show is ending, he pulled off part of Janet Jackson's top. Showing what appeared to be her exposed pierced nippled breast. I don;t know if it were planned. If it was a pastie. If it was just a plot, to put a different Jackson name out there and take the heat off her freak show bother, but I liked it. BRAVO!

  • Is it just me, or is Phil Simms the best former player turned annoncer? In any sport. Because he talks about his expereince as a player, but isn't constantly talking himself up. I think Joe Morgan knows exactly who I'm talking about. And teamed up with Greg Gumbel, they are far and away the best announce team working today. Better than Micahels and Madden, or even Madden and Summerall, but obviously better than any booth that lets that little weasel Chris Collinsworth.

  • I thought the first half of the game sucked, but the last 35 minutes of game time, were great! I think that was one of the best Super Bowl's I have ever seen. Though if John Fox didn't go for two twice in a row, the outcome could have been different.
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