Who Wants to Be A Mega-Millionaire

So the newest edition of Millionaire came back on the air. The questions for the most part easier than last time around. And me ineligible, I guess being ineligible is better than being unemployed. The rules have sort of changed, they have two new life lines "Second Chance" and "Three Wise Men". I thought the concept of the extra life liens are stupid, and the execution of "the three wise men" was asinine.

The "wise " men had 30 seconds to talk about the possible answers, but after Regis asks the question they have around 16 second. The 30 seconds should start after he finishes asking the question. What was weird the guy in the middle Dr. Neil Tyson-DeGrasse of the Hayden planetarium is someone I have actually spoken with. I approached him to vet one of our books, and he couldn't do it personally but he got one of his associates to do it for us. So that was kind of neat.

Last thing, did you see the fat guy who was the second contestant, did his mother or sister look exactly like him but in a dress and wig??? God damn do I love this show.

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