Camping and the eve of Super Tuesday

With Super Tuesday only hours away, I encourage everyone in a March 2nd primary or caucus state to go out and vote. Even though it seems that your vote is unimportant at this point, since John Kerry has a virtual insurmountable lead, you should still vote. So if your like me, I'm voting so my candidate can get a prime time slot talking at the Democratic National Convention.

Anywho. This weekend was wint-o-ree weekend, and not to toot my own horn but it was awesome. I will probably never do it again, but it turned out really good. I was all stressed going into Saturday morning, but it turned out well. I lost my buck knife, so that kind of sucks but it can be replaced.

I think the high light of the weekend was meeting a young man named "Silvio". He was from one of the other troops and is mentally challenged. Silvio who is 23, was hanging around our cabin which was the main head quarters, he ate donuts and light up when we came into the cabin. He is a big man, larger than me, but he is some what child like. He was so into being at the event and at camp in general, it made me feel like a real piece of shit for all my complaints about the district leaders, scouting professionals and my own fellow troop leaders who I don't like. I remember thinking on Friday night as I layed down to sleep, that this might be my last trip with Troop 327 ever. I really did not feel that way by Saturday afternoon.

Silvio was wearing these weird Mardi-gras beads. And in the afternoon gave me two pairs, which I wore for the rest of the weekend (at least until I gave one set to Miguel). What was nice was at our cracker barrel, the other leaders who were hanging around the headquarters, who got beads were still wearing them as well. When I got home I took off my yellow beads and tied them to my pack, I think they'll stay there for a while.

I found out today that a famous author/columnist whose life was a breifly made into a CBS show starring Harry Anderson has read some parts of my blog. I so encourage more authors, columnists and TV traffic girls to read up!

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