Here's the Rundown

  • If your company is going to switch over to SAP, run run like Zombies are chasing you. Go to the mall go to a boat. Get away as fast as you can. And under no circumstances should you become a "super user" I am so freaked out about how bad its going to be tomorrow when we go live.

  • We rented "The Rundown" with The Rock on Thursday night, and it is so obvious why the Rock became a national icon from the wrestling ring. When you see him on screen, you believe what he is saying. I'm so glad we picked it up the day after it came out, so we got a nice clean copy form blockbuster.

  • On Friday night Ani and I saw Dawn of the Dead with Ted and Maria. The first thing, is that the Kaufman Astoria Omniplex is so close to our house its ridiculous. But it is run so efficiently, its sick. They had free parking up on the roof. The line for tickets was so quick. There were uniformed guards all over the place. Aniw as pretty worried about seeing the movie, but it turned out not to be so scary, but so entertaining. The cast, most of whom were unknowns (except Ving Rhames and Mahki Phefer) were really good despite the writing. There were a few moments when I even jumped a little bit. Ani nearly broke my thumb, with her early squeezing.

  • I'm cleanng the man-room and its just sloppier than when I began.

  • Week 2 of the letting Ani drive experiment went well as we drove around two cemeteries. Then Ani stole an Ikea catalog at C-Town.
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