I voted so I can complain

So this evening Ani and I went to vote in the Democratic primary. I went with a heavy heart since John Kerry had all but locked up the nomination already. But while I was voting Ani asked one of the old people working at the table how many people voted. And in our district 25 had voted. I know that that school cafeteria stinks and the old people who volunteer are creepy and depressing, but still its not only a right but a responsibility!

So if you didn't go out and vote, you have effectivly voted to have no voice. So don't complain, its people like you who allow the government to do whatever its wants.

Other Super Tuesday news
  • John Edwards dropped out

  • Howard Dean won VERMONT!!! If he were only the former Governor of other states as well

  • A sign I saw on the BQE today "CON$ervative governMENt" - so true.

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