It’s weird when you put getting older into perspective. At 29 I’m not really old. I’m finally getting my career on track. I have a great partner in life, who will humor me by flipping threw the Palma sutra in my palm pilot while we are searching for an Ihop. I have a great bunch of friends. And I already know the first truly stupid thing I’m going to do 11 days after my 30th birthday.

But when you think of how you are as a 29 year old as opposed to your college self it’s scary. I always find moments when college-Niel would be sickened by current day Niel. Its mostly moments when I’m drinking bucky’s and using my palm pilot while waiting for the train after staying late at work.

This weekend I got a full frontal blast of that difference. Rachel had a small get together commemorating Kelvin’s 28th birthday. When Ani and I got there, the people I didn’t want to see were all going to meet up at the bar, so I got to avoid some awkwardness, and a potential “drama club” reunion/cat fight. But in addition to Rachel and Kelvin, Ani and myself were a bunch of my favorite of Kelvin’s buddies. It was small and intimate. It was really nice.

I remember back in school, some of us were so metal, so punk, so revolutionary, so whatever, and now we are talking about mortgages, dogs, credit scores, golf, buying bargain clothes all the while trying to avoid getting into big political discussions. We are all talking about the awkwardness that is involved in not being the low man on the totem pole (well at least temporarily). Our time at QC was acknowledged, but not dwelled upon. We ate we drank we were merry.

Other thoughts from the weekend

  • Let me be the first to wish Mike and Rachel a happy anniversary!

  • I cleaned my car and good lord did it need it.

  • I let Ani drive for a little while in a cemetery. It was much better than the first time I let Ani drive my car and I ended up yelling at her in Forest Hills.

  • They imploded Veterans Stadium in Philly. I wish I knew I would would have driven out there to see that. Implosions are awesome.

  • We saw “Eternal Sunshine of the blah blah blah” It was really good. I wish I wrote that. What a great idea. Kate Winslet and Ani were wearing the same undies.

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