In the book "the war of art" the writer talked about a young German art student in Vienna who was so in the grasp of resistance, so afraid he'd fail or people would ridicule him that he gave up his dreams of being a painter, and set out to destroy the world ... Just incase you didn't get it, that artists name was Hitler. It was easier for him to annihilate millions of Jews, gypsys, and clergy than it was to pick up a paint brush.

I'm finding I'm having the same road block set up by resistance. Though right now I'm whopping resistance's ass when it comes to writing but resistance ( which comes from inside) is stopping me from working out. This morning l woke up at 620am, l could have gotten up and rode on the bike for a little bit. But instead l chose to sleep more. I need to start. So as you are reading this , I just finished riding on the bike for about 15 minutes, 4 songs worth (187-Candiria, Danger Danger- Electric Six, Major Tom - David Bowie, I believe in a thing called Love - The Darkness). I didn't want to over do it. But Now that I looked resitence in its ugly face, it no longer has a grasp over me.


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