This is not America

Today the FCC has fined Howard Stern and Bono for obscene remarks. Bono's was for using the word fuck during an awards show after he won an award, while Howard's is more of a lifetime achievement award. Howard and crew virtually never let a curse word slip. Maybe there is some raunchy talk, some "bathroom" humor. But who the hell is the government to tell me what I can or can't hear. Is the FCC going to start bugging the DMV and fining people for cursing under their breath at the inaptitude of those state workers? Can a cop pull me over and give me aticket cause he sees me cursing or giving another driver the finger?

At what point does the government start regulating non-broadcast speech. Will there be a constitutional amendment banning all explicit speech in any form, because children could be listening? While they are at it they might as well toss out the First amendment, why stop at speech lets get rid of the rest of the bill of rights. Shouldn't we all worship Jesus like President Bush and the boys do. Why not. Women don't need to vote. African Americans, maybe freeing them was wrong, come on secretary Powell there's some cotton to be picked.

Of course those examples are outrageous, but in America I thought it would be outrageous that Freedom of Speech would be in danger. But it is. One of the rationales for the war in Iraq was Hussein's regime controlled all the media, and the people didn't have a voice to speak out against him. It seems like our freedom of speech is only valid when we agree with Pres. Bush and the Christian Right. But if we disagree we are being obscene, or whatever.

Many years ago comedian George Carlin used the 7 evil words Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits. From now on, or until I'm shut down I will use one of the seven words in each posting. We can't let this go on, this is not America, we need to get these freaks out of office as fast as possible. We all need to vote fo John Kerry, ughh I feel so dirty, because we are not sure what he'll do. Or if his changes will be for the better - but we need change.

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