UO officially on my shitlist

So I was doing some research on a story I read about Urban Outfiters and a shirt they are selling that says "Voting is for old people". Wow that really fits in with their bohemian image, but with more and more young people being politically active, and being in a world where you have to make your voice heard this shirt is stupid and irresponsible. But alone this "controversy" probably wouldn't make me not want to shop there. I have lots of cool t-shirts from UO, like my Mr. Sparkle shirt. They always have neat stuff there, the kind of wacky things it would take you a life time to accumulate through flea markets, thrift shops and eBay.

But when I read articles like this one from the Philadelphia Enquirer, I realized that the T-shirt fits right into the MO of Urban Outfiters. As a supporter of Sen. Rick Santorum, UO owner and founder Dick Hayne doesn't want young people to vote. He thinks voting should be left to older more conservative white men like himself. If you are gay, or a woman go buy another wacky ironic t-shirt. Pick up some Rainbow Bright hair clips, but don't go out and vote. But I'll (Hayne) go out and vote for Rick Santorum a card carrying member of the Christian right, who is anti-choice and thinks homosexuality is the same as incest or beastiality. Hayne and Santorum probably want people of color picking cotton and serving biscuits. And the cotton they would pick, would be sent to India so children can make your cool retro looking t-shirts.

Its funny that a store so aimed at gays, women, and politically minded others would be headed by such a dick head. Oh by the way if you wonder where you have heard the name Santorum before its because that's the newly accepted term for the frothy discharge often associated with anal sex.

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