99 Problems – Jay Z and the Beatles

Apparently Jay Z’s label decided to release a lyric only version of his latest and supposedly last album “The Black Album” this has created a flood of new remixes. There is a jazz version called “The Brown Album” and one of the most popular is DJ Dangermouse’s “The Grey Album” which is words entirely from the Black album over music entirely from the Beatles “The White Album”. Holy shit is it cool. And if you have any tolerance for rap music and you like the Beatles musicianship, how can you not like this. This track I’m listening to right now 99 Problems is fused with Helter Skelter. George Harrison’s driving guitars mix perfectly with Jay Z’s hard hitting lyrics to really make a song that if this album were legit, could be a HUGE crossover hit. But unfortunately DJ Dangermouse didn’t get Jay Z’s or the Beatles permission to use the samples. So the album has become an underground hit, and a website that is trying to get artist rights back from the corrupt music industry organized a free download day for “the Grey Album” and nearly one million people downloaded various tracks. If you can download any of them go with 99 Problems.

“You were doing 55 in a 54” – Jay Z and the Beatles

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