Witch Hunt

It was a very “casual” Friday over at work. My computer, which was taken to up to be upgraded to OS X, with an e.t.a. of 1 or 2 hours (on Thursday) arrived promptly 24 hours after it was taken. But there is a spare computer in what I now call Niel’s cube 2. It is Manifest Destiny. I’m going to need so much space they are going to have to give me an office.

Near the end of the day, about 3pm, one of my co-workers comes over and asks me if I heard about Martha Stewart. “No what happened,” I said. And then she told me that Martha was found guilty on all charges. Sentencing will be June 17th. All I could do is shake my head. The federal government proved its point. Don’t be an outsider. Don’t be a success. And if you dare to do either of those things make sure you never do anything wrong. Martha’s main crime, was being a woman, being somewhat of a bitch, and being a success not being one of the boys.

This woman is completely ruined for a measly forty five thousand dollars. Ok 45 grand is a lot of money to normal people, but in the grand scheme of things that concern people with multi billion dollar businesses 45 grand isn’t that much. Derek Jeter gets haircuts that cost more than that.

Who is to blame? Martha? Maybe a little bit. Her friend who was a CEO of the company whose stock she dumped? Hell yeah, he did the same thing. What about the weasely stockbroker who gave her up to the authorities without a discussion, confidentially indeed. I’m sure he’s going to get more high profile clients. I hate that about someone who will give someone up just to cover their own ass. But if no one ever noticed it, he would have happily collected his commission on the sale, I bet he kept it.

Martha Stewart is going to jail. And Ken Lay and all the boys from Enron are playing golf in Crawford with Dubya. What bullshit! Who did Martha hurt? Did she steal money from the pension funds of her employees? No. Did she cash out of all of the stocks of her company, and let the company go bankrupt. No. But Martha is going to jail and Ken Lay and the boys will be able to start up new businesses. Can Martha rebuild herself? No because she is a convicted felon, she can’t run a corporation anymore.

Additionally the brand Martha Stewart is dead! Forget what you might think of Martha and her entire stepford wife persona she is done. She can be on the Surreal life. She can write a book. But the Martha Stewart Empire is over. Are you going to want a fleece comforter from convicted felon, or some other brand? I think the backlash will make most people choose the later. So I bet Kmart (the K is for Koward) will pull her somewhat over priced items off the shelves, to put something more palatable for the rednecks in the flyovers to buy. “Did you see what that Martha did to those poor people? She deserves what she gets!”

Oh by the way, all those people who make Martha Stewart Home items are now out of work.

Martha Stewart has a magazine, which is expensive (I know because Ani loves it and buys it all the time), but who wants home design tips form a convicted felon. Who wants to learn how to fold a napkin into the shape of a shamrock, from someone whose going to need to make a potpourri cache for her cell? So I guess the staff from that magazine show start sending out their resumes. I know we need a temp for a few weeks. This part is especially disturbing to me. Not that I’m looking for work, but with an influx of people with my skill set into the market, its easier to replace someone like me with someone with more experience but whose more desperate. Ditto for the people who make the TV show.

So what has this conviction done? In essence it has hurt the economy of this country. I am convinced if Martha was just one of the boys, she’d be ordered to pay a small fine, maybe a small donation to the RNC and it would be all forgotten about.

Martha by the time you get out, if I’m in the place to hire someone, you can work for me.

Ahh this is just wrong! But so funny

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