Twenty-nine years ago today in what I imagine was a hot and hazy and very loud overly crowded hospital in Yerevan little Ani Nazaretyan came into this world with a scream, and quite frankly hasn’t gone down in decibels. Oh I keed.

So today on Ani’s last birthday of youth, I think back to 1996 when I first met a 21 year old Ani, She was wacky and intense, and much like the yelling the wackiness and intensity have stayed. But that’s what I fell in love with. I remember being so freaked out when I was about to ask out Ani for the first time I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. That is intense (there’s that word again) feelings, and I know that Ani was going through the same thing. I remember sitting in Christine’s office (well what was better known as my office), we weren’t telling anyone about us, and it was the day before we all went to Florida. We were so sick. What if we screwed it up, going on your first date on the second day of a five-day trip with a small group is risky. But that date went well despite my throwing out my back. And all these years later we are still together.

Everyday Ani makes me laugh. Whether its her enthusiasm over making waffles, or waking me up in the middle of the night to say something nonsensical then she falls right back asleep. And I look at the glow in the dark stars on our ceiling.

But seriously Ani is the kind of woman you want by your side. When I was not working, I could have given up and taken a job out of my field, but she supported me both financially and emotionally until I was able to land my gig at Disney. She believed in the dream, even when everyone else was telling me to give it up, I was even faltering.

Ani you make me a better man. I am so happy I get to wake up every morning to you. Happy birthday baby, And I’m sure well both be there when our blogs have the countdowns to our 130th birthdays.

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