Happy Easter and Screw You Ernie Els

If you see what I see when I see Ernie Els you know why I am so happy that Phil Mickelson finally won a major. What a great moment it was as he birdied the final hole at Augusta. We had Ani's parents and brother, and my mom over for Easter dinner. And when we were finished with the great dinner Ani prepared (and the killer Ham I made) we were watching the final round of the Masters. When I saw Ernie Els I got so damn mad! Serenity now. Serenity now.

I played golf yesterday, on Ani's insistence. Because she claims she can clean better if I'm not around. So it would be rude of me to say no. Kissena was pretty empty, and it was sweet. I played the first 4 holes without interacting with anyone. I was hitting the ball great. Then a threesome let me play through. I felt rushed, and it fell apart after then. This twosome asked if I wanted to join in, and golf etiquette wouldn't allow me to say no. Eventually a fourth came in. Not enough chatter. But they fixed up the course. They added water on the 14th. And they put new sand under the greens, adding lots of humps and plateaus. They put up new signage, ball washers, and put in a nice new bench near the "I'm going to the city" whole. The winter was really good to the course, the grass was really green and full. But none of the trees have foliage yet, so when I was high atop the tee box on eight, you could really tell that the WTC was gone. Pre- 9/11 you could use one of the towers as a beacon to aim at. Even without it I crushed the ball there.

Anyway, I'm all over the place so hopefully I can be more lucent tomorrow.

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