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Three-day weekends are great, and with my flexible schedule at work 3-day weekends are a lot more commonplace for me these days. My original plan was to do laundry and relax, and then I get an email from Dave, asking if I wanted to go to the auto show. Why not? (I'll post the pictures later) So after dropping of my laundry to have someone else do them, we headed into the city. The auto show is pretty damn impressive. Hundreds of cars inside the Javits center (future home of the Mountain Dew Arena and convention center home of the New York Jets). What is neat is that you can go sit in cars that you could possible own (Toyota Matrix, Honda Accord, Honda Civic) and then next plant your fat ass into a convertible Audi TT. One of the neatest things was the so-called Camp Jeep. They built this huge outdoor dirt track, and hand a dozen and a half jeeps, which would take you on rides around the track. We found out that they build a new track for each auto show and it takes 4 days. Those jeeps really can maneuver over rocks, logs, mud, and uneven ground and up and down steep hills. I was kind of disappointed that there were no bikini clad women showing cars, or b- level celeberties like Jim the anvil Neidhart. But all the smartly dressed women who were talking about cars were more than implying that their designers could see into the future.

Later on Dave and I played the best game of NFL Street, all-Offensive lineman. They are so slow. And they can't carry the ball; I guess that's why they aren't skill positions.

On Saturday, Ani, Mike, Mom and I went to see my Grandfather in the nursing home in Connecticut. I was wearing a shirt I found in Old Navy that said Ensenda which happens to be the name of the neighboring town to Guanica in Puerto Rico. And when we came into his room, he recognized the name. And for the first time in a long time he recognized us a little bit. Which was nice. It was a really nice day and we ate at Captains Galley, which I have been calling Captain Galleys for years. The food was good and plentiful.

Sunday was too nice of a day not to go out to the park. Well several thousands of other people thought the same thing. Central Park was jam packed, but you could walk around without bumping into others. As we were leaving there were all of these girls in bikinis sunning themselves on the lawn. It wasn't that hot, but who am I to complain. Ani and I had a great time. We took a bunch of pictures, and I really think we will hang out in the park more this summer. Fly kites, toss a Frisbee around. Oh the truly best part of the day was when we found a parking space with a broken meter, right near the park. SWEET.

Sunday's TV highlights

  • On the all-new Simpsons Nelson used the phrase "Bros before Hos" I nearly shit my self

  • The part on the Sopranos where Tony starst teh high speed chase was in Maspeth along Grand Ave. It started near Tikka Misala, and though they seemed to be going in different dierections every time they looked out the window, the crash happened right down the block from my place.
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