Cold Cuts

I think for the first time in the short time that I have been watching the Sopranos that I was disgusted by Tony's actions. I didn't mind him busting Chris' balls about the drinking, because I know that Tony respects Chris on some level for trying to change himself, just like Tony seeing Dr. Melfi. Nor did I mind him making Chris become the second banana behind Tony B, since he has all the guilt and what not. But what he did to Janice when he saw that she was able to get on the road to recovering from her rage issues was so messed up. I was yelling at the screen for Tony to stop.

If Drea Demateo walks around the "Joey" show in the clothes she was wearing while helping Chris pack, I think we will all forget about the other 5.

I've been reading a book about the Sopranos "The Gospel According to Tony Soprano" by Chris Seay and I can't put it down. Though I believe it was written several seasons ago, some of the things that are happening now have been brewing. The writer actually predicted the Tony and Carmella situation.

With three episodes left this season ...
  • I think the war between Little Carmine and Johnny Sack will soon involve Tony's crew.

  • I can't believe that Tony B survives much longer.

  • Vito will indulge his love of Canoli's again.

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