a good weekend

There are some weekends where you do nothing and that is cool. There are some you do nothing and are bored shitless. And then there are weekends like the one I just had.

I worked Friday, which was weird since I normally only work four days a week. But we were so behind and we have an intern working with us and originally my boss was scheduled to be out so I needed to be there. It worked out well. I got a lot of work done, lots of compliments on my work, and valuable moments of leadership and initiative.

That night we had a really shitty turnout for the scout meeting. But with only a few kids we did really good prep workshop for an upcoming day trip. I am looking forward to the climbing adventure we are doing in a few weeks. I worry about the state of the troop. Are there enough kids interested? How can we get more people involved?

I dropped Mike off at his place, and we confirmed our plans to hit Ikea in the morning, and when I say hit I mean go to and shop not “knock-over” (remember we are only half Italian), any ways I head home and was able to fall asleep early which was nice. The Weather reports were not looking good for me playing softball.

So at around 8ish, Mike and I head to Ikea. Mike was talking about the South Beach Diet, it sounds like Mike drank the Kool-aide (or whatever its SBD equivalent). Another side note should Mike be fooling around with anything that has the initials SBD. Anyways as we drove the virtually empty highway, most of our trip was spent listening to “In-da-gada-de-vida” by Iron Butterfly. Maron, that is a long song. So we get into Ikea right as they open, the place reeks of lingon-berry and suicide. We get the new closet and head back into Queens. We carry these heavy heavy boxes up the stairs and have a quick drink. Mike heads out to get Erin, and soon after Ani and I go do some long over do laundry. We split up our chores so she did laundry I did some food shopping. I pick her up right in time for me to head over to Vleigh Place Park.

I met up with a bunch of the guys I played softball with last summer and we waited. Both of the fields were taken by little league games, so we decided to go to Cunningham Park. It wasn’t far and we got this little field with a fence that you could a home run into to woods. Luckily we are all righties and didn’t launch to many over the wall.

Interesting note, one of the guys playing with us was Steve Green esq. And for those old school Quad people who read this, yes it’s the same Steve Green who worked at the quad one semester. He looks exactly the same, and yes our young Steven has become a lawyer hence the “esq.” and the “BMW”. Steve was pitching when I was taking BP; I was really swinging the bat well. Punching a bunch through the infield and pounding a few into the outfield with authority. He was a little wild and coming a little inside, or maybe I was hanging over the plate like a right-handed Mo Vaughn. But my shoulder was killing me and the sun was beating down on me so I let my batting time end a little prematurely.

It was almost six, so I head home. Ani and I were going to see Shrek, but all the shows were sold out so we ended up seeing Troy. And holy shit was that worth it. The Iliad was my favorite book in high school; my best D&D character was named after Achilles. And many of you have heard me listening to the Achilles Man-o-war album. It was so good in every way. I cannot recommend this movie more.

Actually that is a lie. I can recommend the movie I saw on Sunday a little bit more. Napoleon Dynamite (which hits theatres on June 11th) was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Dave sent me a link to the website and they had signups for screenings, so Ani and I signed up for a screening, Dave and Holly were theoretically going to the same screening. When we arrived 45 minutes before show time, they escorted us down stairs and told us to take a free t-shirt. We got shirts and found D&H. We sat down and the theatre filled up quickly. Apparently people are going to multiple screenings and getting different t-shirts. I might go to another one so I can qualify for the gift pack.

But anyways the movie about this quirky kid living in his own world and Idaho. Is so funny and smart and endearing that it will never succeed in the over all Hollywood sense of success. But fuck it, its will become a cult classic like Rushmore. I will put a link up later on so you can try to get to a screening yourselves.

Afterwards the four of us had dinner at Tikka Missala. Yum yum yum. I dropped them off in Ridgewood and hauled ass back home to see the penultimate episode of the Sopranos this season. One of the great episodes I’ve seen. I was almost numb when it ended. Why her.

That numbness lifted away when I saw Tommy Glavine, pitched a one-hitter as the Mets beat Colorado 4-0, completing the sweep and getting the Mets back to .500. Things are looking good in Metsville.

By the way, as I'm typing and uploading this, someone is actaully downloading a copy of Europe's "hit" Final Countdown. Ughh.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. Like the new look of the blog. That new movie sounds wacky. Talk to you soon.

foodiechickie said...

It's a good song!!!

Holly Y said...

The Final Countdown is THE BEST EVER! Anyone who has ever learned the piano has learned how to play that piano lick!