I’m not sure what an ulcer feels like but some days I am pretty sure I have one. I don’t think this huge orange I’m going to snack on will help it.

Last night the cast of the Sopranos was on Letterman doing a special top-10 list. I feel asleep before they came on. Though I did see James “Tony” Gandolfini eating cookies backstage with maybe an intern. There is something really weird about Nicole Kidman these days; she’s not nearly as hot as she was in “To Die For” and she seems so what’s the word I’m looking for … Stupid.

Anyways back to the Sopranos, I didn’t give full analysis of the episode yesterday because I wasn’t sure if Mike “Benny Fazio” Kraus had gotten a chance to see the episode. But by now he’s seen it on one of the 8 HBOs or on TIVO. So when Adriana told Christopher she had to know that there was a good chance that she would die. Or maybe she was so convinced that he loved her more than he loves Tony. But apparently not. I think that the beating that Chrissy got at the end of the episode had more to do with Tony not being able to make that kind of decision (i.e. the Tony B, Johnny Sac, Phil Leotardo situation) than Christopher being back on the H. I am so pissed that there is only one more episode this season and that is in two weeks.

I hope Adriana’s ghost comes back to haunt Christopher. But he probably doesn’t survive past next week’s episode anyways.

Ani and me are going to see No Doubt at Jones Beach in a few weeks I’m looking forward to it. And potentially were going to see Napoleon Dynamite again the next night. Damn that’s a good movie.


Mike said...

I havent seen this weeks episode yet, so I skipped most of your posting. I just got around to watching the episode from 2 weeks ago when Tony has that insane dream. By far the weirdest episode I've ever seen. Anywho... I saw the Letterman top 10 list last night and it was pretty humorous. They had Silvio, AJ, Meadow, Pauly, Christopher, Adriana, Tony's sister (cant think of her name) and of course Carmella and Tony. The Top 10 was Things You'll Never Hear on the Sopranos. The funniest ones to me was when Pauly said "Hey Tony, can I have to rest of the afternoon off to celebrate Rash Shashana?" and Tony's was pretty funny too. He said "I just wacked myself".

niel said...

I am so pissed I missed it and its still not on the letterman site ... I am toatlly picking up the Time Warner Cable DVR this week!