Number 10

That list of possible al-Queda suspects came out with the names and faces of 9 people. I wonder if number ten is really pissed of?

"What the fuck? I'm just as dangerous as Abdullah!"

I just saw this Asian man drinking some coffee on the V train, and I began to think about "dead guy" from the L train.

DG, was this guy who sold batteries and knick-knacks on the train. His eyes were always bloodshot, as if he'd been awake all night, sorting cocaine for some Asian Mafioso-who smuggled him into the country. And he looked like that every time.

He wasn't like your average vendor. His "weeee" or "nice" while playing with the light-up yo-yos. I don't know what his name is or if he's still alive. But I miss that crap-selling zombie.

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