Sopranos recap(o)

So I thought that Meadow's boyfriend Finn was on the verge of being whacked, after he paid for the meal with Tony, Meadow, and AJ.

And then he's actually working at the construction place... "Wat's he tryin to do make us
look bad.”

Then he's flirting with the hot girl. So how could he possibly survive the episode, then they throw us for a loop, when he catches fat Vito blowing a security guard. FINN LEAVE TOWN, CHANGE YOUR NAME!

But he one-upped us all, by proposing to Meadow. Tell me who is safer in Jersey than Don Antonio's little girl's fiancé? Very few people.

I think Tony B’s days are numbered. Either Johnny's guys from NY get him, Christopher takes him out, or Adriana will tip off the FBI to Tony B's casino. Am I wrong or does no one wear schoolgirl plaid skirts like her?

Overall good episode, new Tony insight and lots of Meadow.

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