They aint getting my loose change anymore!

Last week I accepted when the papers put the Yankees on the back pages when the Mets were on the West coast. The games ended late, whatever. I got mad when I saw a paper on Monday, instead of splitting the page with Mets Win, Yankees win, only have Yankees win and offer for Yankee medallions. What the fuck is that about. But today was the last straw was this morning when the Post chooses to show a west coast Yankees highlight as opposed to the Mets victory in Queens. And the Daily News did one worse, instead of showing the Mets victory the Daily News shows a picture of Barry Bonds, who not only doesn’t play for either NY team, he didn’t even play AGAINST either NY team. Ughh. So from now on I get all my news from the NY Times, TV, and the Internet. If you read an interesting tidbit from the Daily news or Post, I don’t want to know. Both papers are dead to me.

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