Writer's Block

There is nothing worse than having writers block. No that is not entirely true; you could have a little insomnia added to your writer’s block. And then again it could be 70 plus degrees at midnight, with humidity in the 90s, insomnia, writers block. But I’ll work my way through it. That’s why I’m forcing myself to write this post.

I’ve been having such a hard time writing recently. Work has been so stressful. I hate not being able to pay people, but the sad fact is we really can’t. And on an intellectual level I know it’s not my fault, but I feel it is some how. I’ve stopped answering my phone at work, when I can see it’s an outside line. That sucks. But things might be looking up at work. We’ll see.

I never wrote about our Disney trip. It was great. And with my discount it made it just that much better. For me the high light of the entire trip was Friday night when we ate at Alfredo’s in Epcot center. The food is so good. The pasta is so fresh. The calamari. I’m making myself hungry nearly three weeks later. When we left the restaurant the fireworks show was about to begin, but we were in the middle of a sever thunderstorm that had tornados associated with it. The streets of the World showcase were flooded. It was a disaster, but it was also nice, because really quickly we knew there was nothing we could do, other than enjoy it.

We’ve had lots of thunderstorms this week. And I realize that most New Yorkers are now so freaked out whenever we hear a loud crash or see an unexpected flash of light in the sky.

Weather permitting I’m making my first trip to Yankee Stadium tomorrow. I hope that turns out well. Not the place to try out my new Mets jersey I think.

Last week I saw Kill Bill Vol 2 on my day off. There is nothing like seeing a real violent movie at 11am in a near empty theatre. I liked Vol 1 better, probably because I like Lucy Lui who was not in this one at all.

The next day Ani and I saw Van Helsing. I was pretty entertained, but the over acting by the Dracula guy and the bad accent by the hot brunette (Kate Beckensale) drove me nuts. I’m glad Hugh Jackman didn’t try to use a wacky accent. I loved the idea of the group he worked for.

Am I crazy or has this Iraq thing gotten completely out of hand? The Palestinian terrorist group Hezbollah is condemning the beheading. What the fuck? You’d think that would be right up their alley. But it rubbed them the wrong way. Though I haven’t heard official word, but I assume that Israel also thinks that the beheading was wrong, when was the last time the Israeli government and Hezbollah agreed on something? I just want our people over there and all of us over here to be safe.

And that my friends is breaking out of writers block.

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