I finally got to get to the Time Warner Cable place to replace my cable box for a brand new one with DVR. DVR is TWC's answer to TiVo. It enables me to record two things while watching a third thing. Also I can watch stuff in "picture in picture" which is very handy while watching Ken Jennings destroy his opponents on Jeopardy (16 Day champion 517,000+ and counting)and the beginning of the Mets game.

The only thing I doesn't seem to have is the ability to pick shows based on my viewing habits, which is ok. And the new box is silver, and all our other pieces in the entertainment center are black, it kinds of stands out. But for all that it brings its well worth it in my opinion.

We rented Badder Santa (the unrated version of Bad Santa) and sadly no nudity from TV's reigning MILF Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham as the nymphomaniac bartender Sue. But let me tell you something she said some terribly hot though borderline whorish things.


How can you write anymore about a movie that uses the phrase "Fuck me Santa". Anyway the movie was ok, I wouldn't recommend it.

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