Fahrenheit 911

Ani and I decided that we'd continue our tradition of seeing a movie after I played softball. We decided that we wanted to see Fahrenheit 911, figuring it would be a hot ticket, we were going to get advanced tickets. And not wanting to "Fandangoize", I dropped Ani at the laundry and went out to the small art theatre in Kew Gardens to get tickets to the 7pm show.

My intentions were to drive over, park right in front get my tickets and go. But could that happen? NO. There was a line that went around the corner. The box office didn't open till 1230. So I found parking, and got online. Most of this time I was near an Indian restaurant. But unfortunately they weren't cooking yet, and I was surrounded by the most annoying old ladies. Who were saying that Air America Radio, was encouraging people to bring a Republican to see the movie.

I listen to Air America radio, when I can't bare to listen to WFAN and I can't get good reception on NPR. But I hate Air America more and more, every time I hear anyone talk about it. When they first went on the air, they promised they wouldn't be like conservative radio, but they are just as bad. Why can't we get real balanced unbiased political reporting in this country!

I digress. After the game, which my team lost 9-6. We left the bases loaded. I was standing on third, when the last guy grounded out to first. I can't blame the batter, because he was spectacular in the outfield, I blame myself and the rest of the infield for the inning that we dropped every ball hit, thrown or tossed at us.

So I met up with Ani, and there was a waiting line inside the lobby, mostly old people. Though there were plenty of younger people like us there. Including this guy Mike who I hadn't seen in years.

We get into the theatre. We got good seats. Mike (phunkie) had called me earlier in the day. He and Erin went to see F911 the night before. And there was stuff that was still disturbing him. Maybe I shouldn't take Ani to see it (on behalf of her reactions to The Sopranos). But we were going anyway. The first half of the movie, was very much in the style of Moore's other movies. Kind of serious but with wackiness thrown in. The view they had of the Twin Towers being crashed into was the most horrific ever.

The second half of the movie was really hard to watch. It focused mostly on Iraq. Some of the visuals during this part will haunt movie goers like us forever. I could barely watch.

There was a lot of using interviews with people at different stages of the Iraq conflict to show the growing disapproval. They showed this woman from Flint Michigan who encouraged her kids to join the military. Her daughter served in the Gulf war,a nd her son was heading to Iraq. She talked about how she used to hate the war protestors, until she realized that they weren't protesting the soldiers they were protesting the idea of war. They came back to her a third time. Her son had died in a Black Hawk helicopter. She read a letter he sent, a few weeks before he died. Talking about can't waiting to get home. Not really understanding whey he was still even there. When his last paycheck came to his mother's house, he was docked pay for the last five days of the month.

I think the moral of the story really is. They Were Wrong (al-Queda), We were wrong and two wrongs don't make a right. But there are a lot of people who sure make lots of money from it (that includes Michael Moore).

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