good sign of the times

It’s a good sign when Good Morning America is doing stories about that 4-yar old kid who got knocked around by a guy at a baseball game who was going for a foul ball.

The guy jumped over his seat, kicking the kid, and grabbing the ball, the kid’s mother hit him with a fan or something and called him a jerk. The guy did not give the kid the ball. This I understand.

The two times a foul ball has come close to me, I’ve made a hard play at it. Once at Shea the ball was hit to the row right behind me, I could have easily dove backwards (knocking down a little girl) and caught the ball (or more likely have it rebound off my face) but not wanting to hurt anyone I didn’t. The other time the ball was hit right at us and I went down for the ball that ended up hitting Ani in the ankle (badly bruising it). She picked up the ball and we still have that one. But we didn’t knock over any kids for that.

So the guy got a little enthusiastic. The kid wasn’t hurt. Cardinal’s outfielder Reggie Sanders went over and gave him a bat. The Rangers gave him a bat and a few baseballs; Nolan Ryan signed one. While at GMA this morning, Charlie Gibson presented the kid with tickets to tonight’s Mets game versus the Indians, courtesy of the New York Mets.

So in conclusion. The kids got lots of cool stuff, including a trip to New York to see the Mets. And the guy, whose name I will not repeat, will be forever recognized as the big jerk who kicked a 4-year-old kid for a baseball.

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