Olympics - Mets - Head burn

My father-in-law is a huge sports fan. Whenever we go over to Ani’s parents house he’s always watching sports, and when he’s here he’s always finding some bizarre Brazilian soccer. In fact he was inspired by our digital cable, with its multitude of soccer only stations to go digital. Anyways he has live in New York for 24 years now and has never gone to a baseball game so this afternoon, for Father’s day Ani and I took him to Shea Stadium, to see his first game.

We got really good seats, Field box, and it was free visor day. A word to all of my male friends (and you know who you are) be careful when wearing a visor with thinning hair. I noticed a little bit of a sun tan on the top of the dome. I digress. I wore my new black Mets jersey, but the Mets were in their regular whites.

What was really good about the game was of course that the Mets won. But it was the second day back form a season long trip to the DL for Jose Reyes. And most people don’t live up to their hype, but he plays with such reckless abandon and joy. I think his hustle will make the Mets so much more dangerous, I like Todd Zeile, but your going to get a lot of double plays when he’s hitting ahead of Mike Piazza.

With the game, and sweep well in hand, we left after the bottom of the eighth, soon after Mike Piazza hit the hat with a bomb to center field. We were able to get out to the car and out of the parking lot without hitting any traffic. We took local roads back and were back home in no time at all. Ani’s dad had a really good time, and so did we. Which is all good in my book.

Yesterday I mention the Olympic torch; well Coca Cola was sponsoring the torch relay through North America at least. I saw posters for the torch relay that the torch was going to come through Maspeth. We had invited my Mom out to lunch on Saturday anyway, so we got together a little earlier and watched the relay by Reis Park. Ani brought out some chairs, both sides of the street were full of people, and a helicopter was circling above.

A little league game was going on in the park, and they brought all the kids down to the sidewalk to see the torch. And soon we saw cop cars and motorcycles come up the block, then a huge Coke truck, and then the solitary runner. She wasn’t anyone famous, no Paula Zahn, P-diddy or Stephon Marbury for us. But didn’t really matter. She was gone really quick, I don’t know how long she was carrying the torch, but she looked refreshed and filled with pride.

The Olympics to me at least symbolize the greatest moments of international politics. Because bitter rivals, will compete fiercely, but when it is over they will often embrace or at least shake hands. I hope all is well in Athens this summer.

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