Sopranos Finale Preview

With the week hiatus until the finale I've had a lot of time to think about what is going to go down on the Sopranos season finale.

Tony's crew circles the wagons as Johnny Sack turns up the heat. Carmella counts her blessings; Christopher is freaked out by an unexpected visitor; Benny's connection to the plumbers' union comes in handy; AJ demonstrates his business acumen; and Tony ponders whether to execute a "sacrifice bunt." -- The official HBO preview

My thoughts

  • Could AJ be in the beginning of making a play to take over for Pops sometime next season?

  • I think Christopher is visited by Tony B, not by America’s favorite GILF Adriana

  • How will Tony explain to Carmella, about Adriana?

  • I don’t think she’ll even care now that Tony bought her off for 600K

  • Tony thinks about giving up Tony B to Johnny, but decides against it

  • Christopher might actually give Tony B up to Phil Leotardo, only to whack Phil to show Tony S that he takes care of business

  • Benny Fazio gets some serious TV time

  • Who could get whacked
  • Tony Blundetto

  • Phil Leotardo

  • Christopher

  • Johnny Sack

  • Finn

  • Artie Bucco

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