Veep hunt

With the Democratic national convention only a few weeks away, one of John Kerry’s biggest next steps is choosing a running mate. Though I know that he’ll end up picking a safe choice, like one of his former rivals Sen. John Edwards or Rep. Dick Gephardt is probably going to get the nod. But if either of these guys really brought anything to the table, wouldn’t they have gotten more votes in the primaries? Especially Gephardt, who I think is getting the nod. But there is a nation full of people who voted “blue” who would be ideal running mates, and some good choices who don’t work.

Howard Dean
Obviously I love Howard Dean, not like Mike does.
"If he was president and Gay marriages were allowed, I'd Marry Him" -- Mike V – Niel’s Inner Web 8/27/2003
But I don’t think he’s the right choice. Both he and Kerry are from the Northeast. So he doesn’t bring an extra boost from a state that Kerry probably wouldn’t win anyway. And people think he has the "crazies".

Bill Bradley
The former New York Knick and Rhodes scholar would be a great choice, but just like Gov. Dean, his geographical similarities and his poor showings in Democratic primaries don’t give him anything.

Bill Clinton
This isn’t happening. For two reasons. One Bill Clinton is ineligible to be Vice President of the United States. And he would completely overshadow John Kerry.

John McCain
He is a Republican. Sure he’s a “straight shooter” and seemingly a cool guy. But he doesn’t want the job, maybe he’s looking to 2008 and for a better job. I think that Kerry reaching out to McCain is a good idea, only because it shows a difference between him and Bush, since he is willing to work with Republicans even though there are differences.

Hillary Clinton
Also eyeing a better job in 2008. And she’d also overshadow Kerry, just like Bubba. She brings way to much baggage to the table. An awful lot of people hate her. But maybe now is the time to choose a woman. She actually hurts the ticket.

Joe Liberman

Al Sharpton
Next. Better chance than Joe Liberman at least. A person of color might be a good choice. But not him.

Bill Richardson
The Governor of New Mexico, brings a lot to the table. Geographically he’s far from Massachusetts. He has executive experience. He has international experience dating back to the Clinton White House. He is well respected on the subject of national security. Also has a good relationship his Hispanics in his home state and that could be beneficial nationally. He is a contender!

Dennis Kucinich
He had lots of good ideas. But he’s a little freak. Not going to happen.

Carol Mosley Braun
If she was a white guy, she could have been a contender for the nomination. With her background as an ambassador, and as a legislator. Along with her progressive ideas and a message, which she had all along, and didn’t completely steal form Howard Dean. But was a person of color and a woman she would bring a lot to the ticket, but I don’t think this country is ready for both at the same time.

Tom Brokaw
Why doesn’t Kerry just pick me. At least I write my own opinions, not read someone else's from a teleprompter. Other random celeb’s Kerry can pick from. Esther (the artist formerly known as Madonna), Michael Moore, OJ, or perhaps Kobe Bryant.

Bob Kerrey
Would you really want to select someone with the same last name as you, but spelt differently. To weird. Not happening.

Nancy Pelosi
Pelosi Address Forum
Now House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi is a potential candidate you can really get behind. She has a history of actually having to stand up against Bush’s doctrine. She’s strong on healthcare, women’s reproductive rights, gay/lesbian rights, and building of small businesses, this daughter and sister of former Baltimore mayors is the right person for the job.

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