A rumor has been swirling around for a few weeks. Is Marysol Castro gone from the WB11? Why is John Mueller doing the segment on wedding lingerie? Who is that blonde chick, filling in for Marysol Castro filling in for Lynn White? But all those answers came to a sad answer today as the Daily News confirmed that Marysol Castro, will be leaving the WB11 when her contract runs out at the end of the month. She will be working on the yet to be launched Weekend edition of Good Morning America. (Read the full story here)

One plus for me is that people nation wide will be searching for "Marysol Castro" or "Marysol Castro Nude" and you might say "Niel who is making that search?" Well according to my statistics tons.

  • Four of the last 10 searches that ended up at my site were looking for Marysol Castro

  • Eight of the top 20 (including numbers 1-4) searches of all time that pointed at my sight were for Marysol

  • And in non-Marysol related statistical news someone arrived here at noon EST when they searched for "Armenian Porn Industry". (FYI, I'm number two on Google's first page on that subject)
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