Win one for the gipper!

I am glad that President Reagan has been portrayed by the media for the man he was. Funny. Idealistic. Eloquent. Self-deprecating. Everyone is still saying all the right things. John Kerry is halting overtly political campaigning during the week or so of national mourning for President Reagan.

Although I would be the first to say if he were president now, I would disagree with his politics. But from the footage I have seen of him this weekend. I believe that he would not lash out at those with different ideals or opinions. He probably would do what he wanted to do, but at least made you think he was considering another point of view.

I feel happy for Mrs. Reagan, their children and all of the Reagan family. Because I know what it is like to see a vibrant and bright person become a fragile shell of their former selves. And I know when I look into Nini’s or Abuelo’s eyes I always wonder if the person I remember is still locked inside there. Struggling to get out but this hideous disease won’t let them. Or hopefully much less cruelly, that person who was once there is gone, and not suffering.

In these past 10 years since President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Mrs. Reagan has been pushing for the government to fund further stem cell research, which many believe may hold the key, that may set free people like my aunt, my grandfather, and millions others who are suffering.

But not to politicize this posting, stem cell research is apparently against certain President’s religion.

Someone on one of the morning shows asked the question what would be President Reagan’s legacy and many said it was the fall of communism. But hopefully his death will bring more attention to Alzheimer’s and finding a cure.

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