Democratic National Convention Day 1 - Re-cap

What a great opening night at the Democratic National Convention … live from the Fleet Center in Boston Massachusetts. So I figure I could do this in one of two ways. One-way could be a long boring article style posting the other could be a quicker, more ADD version. I decided that I would go the second way.

  • When I first turned on CSPAN they were playing this bizarre contemporary jazz music. It sounded like rejects from the Cosby show.

  • Who the fuck is Terry MacAuliffe? Yes I know he is the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but its clear why he has never been an actual elected official. This guy doesn’t know how to speak in front of a crowd, I’m not saying I’m a member of the international Toastmasters but I do know that louder isn’t always better. The crowd was not hot when he was talking there was no reason to shout. Loud does not necessarily mean excitement. He barely sounded like a human being … I AM TERRY MACAULIFFE I AM NOT A VISTITOR FROM A PALNET OF ROBOTS!

  • Ok here’s me Dean plug of the night … The MacAuliffe-tron 6000 starts kissing ass to the people in the party who brought focus back to the party, brought young people back, funded the campaign with small donors who want change not $2000 a pop donor who want what ever they want. I wonder who that was? It couldn’t have been Gov. Dean who MacAuliffe was trying to bury during the primary season.

  • Then all of a sudden Glen Close was speaking. I know she has portrayed the Vice President in films such as Air Force One, but that was a long time ago. And fictional.

  • Al Gore (sans cool beard) should stop talking about himself and how he won the popular vote. Boo Hoo. He should have walked down the block from the Naval Conservatory ( home of the vice president) and over to the White House and just started acting like President. Instead he just gave in, if he gave in any more he would have just dropped his pants and bent over.

  • But in reality, not becoming President, he improved his legacy. Because no matter how shitty it is now, people will always say (whether true or not) “Al Gore wouldn’t have let this or that happen.”

  • Gore really had nothing nice to say about John Kerry his biggest compliment “He’s a friend who will stand by you.”
    - So is Ripley
    - Maybe I should have picked him for my running mate in 2000 not Bilbo Baggins

  • During the segment with the nine female Democratic senators, they had the Senator from Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, who was so freaky small compared to Hillary and the otehrs. Is her constituency the Lollipop Guild?

  • Sen. Mary Landrieu seemed to be in a world of her own, while Sen Mikulski was speaking. As she looked over the senators head into the crowd you could see she was invisioning “WE LOVE MARY” signs filling a yet to be determined arena.

  • They should make it a tradition that the opposing candidate has to sit in a skybox during the other convention, and the networks could watch his reactions. And as Ani said it would be “just like a roast”.

  • Holy shit is President Carter an assassin. He looks and sounds like a sweet little Southern Grandfather, but he was so hard hitting against Pres. Bush. I had read that Kerry wanted to limit the blatant Bush bashing. But the Nobel Peace Prize winner was unabashed in his criticisms of the Bush administration. And since he didn’t endorse any of the candidates during primary season, his speaking out for Kerry/Edwards didn’t seem forced. Know what I’m saying Mr. Vice President?

  • I wonder what Monica Lewinski is doing tonight?

  • So President Clinton was the headliner. Oh my god, he is so charismatic, so smart. If he could have run for a third term he would have been a landslide winner, despite his infidelity.

  • It’s good that Clinton spoke three days before Kerry, because he is so larger than life. He is everything that Bush, Kerry and Nader are not. He’s smart, decisive and not unrealistic.

  • Clinton talked about how he was enjoying the Bush tax cut, until he found out that everyone wasn’t getting it. He wove hard-hitting facts with humor for about a half hour and when he was done, the capacity crowd and the millions at home wanted more. And for more you can but President Clinton’s new book “My Life” in stores now.

  • Read all of speeches from Day 1

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