DNC Convention Day 2

  • Why is Ted Kennedy talking about the nobility of the Northeast? Kerry pretty much has the Northeast won. How about kissing the ass if the oth 5/6 of the country.
  • Ted Kennedy's Boston accent kept coming in and out, much like Kevin Costner in Robin Hood Prince of thieves.
  • On opening night the Democrats had celebrities Glen Close and Michael Moore in the house, tonight Bono, Jason Bateman, one of the lesser Baldwin brothers, Alfree Woodard, Star Jones, Ron Reiner and Ben Affleck were all shown on camera, luckily none of them spoke.
  • What is with conventioneers and stupid hats. Its a political rally not a fucking Easter parade.
  • MacAuliffe-Tron 6000 can't even clap in tune to the James Brown classic from Rocky IV "Living in America." It's not like no one has ever heard that song.
  • I'm typing into my blog, on my personal computer, on my broadband internet connection and according to Dick Gephardt we are jus getting to the "Dawn of the information age". Perhaps in Missouri, but there is a laundry mat not far from my house that has internet access. I think its "at least noonish of the information age."
  • "No Eyebrows"Gephardt is like a band saying and now for some material off our new album. Not only is he a boring speaker, it was like he is a machine that sucks air out of a room. He killed any buzz that was in the room.
  • Did you know that Dick Gephardt's wife is named Jane. Do they have a dog named Spot and a housecleaner named Lupe.
  • It is really too bad this country is not ready for an African-American woman president, because Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun is so good. She has god ideas, most of which were not just rip-offs of Howard Dean's ideas, she is such a great speaker and she never went negative. So unlike all of the other former candidates for the democratic nomination, she can say nice things about Sen. Kerry without looking at least a little bit like a hypocrite.  
  • Gov. Dean, came out to a great reception. Ambassador Braun really got the crowd up after what Gephardt did.  Dean basked in some well deserved admiration for a few moments. Made a joke about how he thought he'd be addressing the crowd on Thursday night.
  • Was it me or were those two girls embracing up in the skybox (who I later realized are Kerry's daughters) during Dean's speech seem to be on the verge of making out?
  • Rob Reiner was crying during Dean's speech. The Fleet center must have ran out of relish.
  • It wasn't Dean's most inspired speech, it didn't have the fire of his speeches in 2003. But he kept out his cliches and was very solid.
  • Barack Obama who gave the key-note speech was awesome. Right person. Right time. The crowd was so into his speech, much like they were into president Clinton's speech the previous night. He spoke about the promise of America. I honestly can't do justice to it, I'll set up a link to it when I find it.
  • And yes Obama rhymes with Osama.
  • Everyone kept using the word "Compassion" a lot. A very unveiled stab at President Bush's so-called "compassionate Conservatism".
  • Ron Reagan's speech was so good. He never mention George Bush or John Kerry. It it was so powerful. And especially in the context of the book I'm reading "Fatherloss".  This is the way he is grieving his father. What was nice was he really explained the process of embroyotic stem cell research.
  • During Teresa Heinz Kerry's way to long speech to close out the evening, they showed former first lady Senator Hillary Clinton giving a "whatever" look. Funny stuff.


It's sad that most of what was said and promised this week at the convention, and what will be promised and said at MSG in a  few weeks when the republicans come into town, no matter who wins the White House or who controls the congress will never happen.

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