I guess just like M-Unit said sometimes there is just nothing to say. And for my that is even more disheartening. As a “writer” I should be writing more, and I know I post a lot, but how rare is it that I post something of any consequence. Sure A news analysis here and there, but there have been too many posts like the “Non-Sequitor” posting which is just random thoughts.

Inappropriate Random Thought
When we went to see Spiderman this morning an old lady asked for 2 seniors for Spidermen. As a joke once said its Spiderman, since he is a spider man, not Spiderman as in “Hi I’m Johnny Spiderman I’ll be preparing your taxes”.

I’ve been so void of ideas that I called home during the previews, to remind myself of that nugget. Maybe it’s the heat, but it’s been a cruel summer for me creatively at least. So far this summer has been great. This weekend we went to a BBQ at Mike’s house since Mark was up from Florida, actually up from Florida via down from Indian Lake. Ani went to a baby shower, while I helped Mike, Mark and Beck prepare for the BBQ. Mark and Becky stopped at a Polish deli near my house, to buy Kielbasa. Mike and I went to FedEx to pick up something he bought. By the time we got home, and got the fire started, it was time to get Ani.

When we got back, there were a bunch of Mark’s friends, Mike and everyone’s long lost buddy Dave at the grill. We hung out for a while, it was a good time, except someone else jumped into the hammock, before I had a chance and stayed there for a few hours. When that doofus got out Erin jumped in, but I didn’t really care since I think Erin is pretty cool, and the guy who was sitting there I think he’s a dick. Why the fuck am I always looking for relaxation?

Even though Dave has been gone for less than two weeks, it was good to see him. I almost was hoping that Kelvin would show up, though he did call. Mark had this 7.3% beer which was really good, and strong. Everyone seemed a little on the tipsy side. Maybe it was the Meade that Mark broke out? I was really hoping for some of Mike’s famous Pina Coladas.

That Kielbasa was so ridiculously oversized the two that Mark bought filled up the entire grill. And all of Dave’s throat (Pictures to come). But it was really good. Everything was really good, the leftover skewers, the hotdogs, and the chicken. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so when I got there I was like a eating drinking non-hammock relaxing machine.

And at this point, the police show up. Actually it was one of Mark’s buddies from High School, who is a NYPD copy working out of the 104th. He had been there earlier, but left to get into uniform. He and his partner stopped by before their shift ended. I hope they had a squad car outside. I can’t imagine what the neighbors thought. What the fuck do I care what the neighbors think.

I don’t know why I’m so agitated. Life is good. We are looking at new cars. Work is good. I’m not going to hear from all the money hungry people at work. I am dressing like a sultan in my onion head hat. I’m downloading music legally. I’m drinking fresh fruit smoothies as a healthy breakfast.

I just got this email:

I have received a request to update your blog entry on

Update keywords from "politics, mets, ny, nancy grace, Niel, Marysol castro, Dean 04, Yankees Suck" to "politics, mets, ny, nancy grace, Niel, Dean 04, Yankees Suck"

Notice what word got cut out?

To accept these changes to your entry please follow this link:

Kind Regards,
The Editors

When I emailed them they didn’t know who made the request. But if Good Morning America, Marysol Castro or anyone else concerned wants to drop me a line about it feel free.

I am feeling so aimless right now. I’m not sleeping well. But I’m exercising, trying to eat late. I’m doing the things you’re supposed to, I eat my vitamins. I need to get inspired to write. It’ll come back. I just got to keep posting. And this metaphorical funk will pass.

I found this link about blogger burnout right after I wrote this post.

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