My new addiction

I know it's 1:30am but I have been playing this game Acrophobia on uproar. If you've never played it's a group game, where you get several letters and have to come up with sentences using the letters. Much like an acronym, hence the name. When the round is done, everyone anonymously votes, and eventually the top two scorers face off in one-on-one competition.

I had played years ago, on a 56k modem. It is a much quicker responding game in the age of broadband. So I started again last night and sucked donkey ass. But tonight in the three full games I played in, I was in the face off twice(one the first time), I missed being in by 2 points in the last game. It's a fun game. I recommend everyone checking it out, my screen name is MrSpears. Please comment if you get the reference.

I also picked up ESPN NFL2k5 this afternoon, its very fun but I suck. I have to still get used to the controls. But since I have tomorrow off, it could be a good opportunity to get used to it.

I only saw John Kerry's speech from the convention tonight. It was solid. He actually layed out plans and ideas, other than saying we'll d it better. There were some real clever moments. "I'm John Kerry and I'm here to serve." Very cute, Cate Edwards cute, a nice play on Jimmy Carter's "I'm Jimmy carter and I'm running for President" and it was also a shot at Bush who went AWOL while in the Texas Air national guard during the Vietnam war.

I think he can do a good job. I hope he gets the chance to.

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