new york times

I went down to the corner store just now, we always call it the corner store even if its in the middle of the block, except if its in a Hispanic neighborhood and there regardless of location it is a bodega. Anyways. I went down there to get some flour for Ani; she’s making some pizza for lunch and needs flour. 

But I digress. So I was going to pick up a copy of the Sunday Times, because I’m a Starbuck drinking, New York Times reading elitist snob, which is all true.  But then I realized that the Sunday Times is now $3.50. Fuck that is pricey. I know rents are pricey in Times Square but come on. I haven’t bought the Times in I can’t remember how long. Mostly because I have a job and the Internet so the Times is useless to me. But I don’t know why I was going to pick it up today. I passed. I can read anything they printed today online without feeling like an idiot trying to fold that huge beast.

I am so fired up about the Democratic National Convention starting this week. I think we all will be holding our breaths during it. Because regardless of political orientation no one wants to see any more Americans hurt in any kind of attacks.

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