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Life must be so simple, at least baseball wise for Yankees fans or fair weather Mets fans, I'm watching the game on yahoo sports, and surprise of surprises John Franco comes in and gives up a bunch of runs. Thanks you 58-year-old bastid! Sometimes watching this team is so frustrating.

The renovations in this office are driving me nuts. I am used to having boxes all around. But boxes stacked 5 feet high with chairs on top is crazy. It looks like there was a flood and we are rebuilding our lives afterwards. Boxes everywhere, not quite stacked straight. The dirtiness of the rugs. Imprints of desks that aren't there anymore, and this is just phase 1 of this moving process on this floor.

In addition to chaos in a physical way there is chaos in a personnel way. People are quitting, their successors are quitting. I'm hoping some of the people who are in my path go for the gusto and go for these higher up jobs. Freeing up their jobs and letting the love trickle down to me. Maybe the trickle down theory can work.

I just finished the new Chuck Palahniuk book "Stranger than Fiction" and wow is it one of his bests. The last few chapters which are talking about being a writer and then the death of his father were some of the best chapters he ever wrote.

Weirdly enough those chapters led into the next book I'm reading perfectly well, its a book called "Fatherloss" which is a book examining the effects on Men of losing their fathers. The first part is separated by age. Holy shit is this guy dead on so far. When I'm done with it I'm going to pass it along a little bit and find out if others thought the writer was as acurate as I think he is so far.

I still have to sit down and writing my account or at least highlights of my trip to Pennsylvania with M-Unit.

We are going to have an Italian dinner tonight along with watching the beginning of season three of the Sopranos (hopefully blockbuster has it). It is so interesting going back and seeing how everyone got to where they are. I think at the point we are right now. No more main characters die until the fifth season, Adrianna.

Speaking of Adriana (Drea DeMateo) could NBC be promoting her new show Joey a little more? We were watching Last Comic Standing and every five minutes there is Matt La Blanc's soulless smile in the corner of the screen.

My desk is such a mess. I almost don't want to bather cleaning it since I'll have to pack it up in two weeks anyways. I can't wait for the move, that is how much I hate the fax machine that is in my cube.

Once again I hate Ernie Els and his sponsor SAP. Fuck Ernie Els. This SAP program is such a piece of shit. It doesn't work. And when people figure it out they change it. They don't want people to be paid. Thats just a theory.

I did so much work this morning, finishing a long list I left for myself and this afternoon I've done nothing. I saw the Mets lose. Fucking middle relief. I've futzed around. I can't wait till my day off tommorow. I'll probably do nothing all day which is fine with me.

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