Hey all you Anarchists planning on coming to New York City for the GOP convention in the next few weeks. Please try to be a little bit considerate. I hate George W. Bush as much as anyone. I used to ready the Daily Worker. So I understand what you are all about but have you considered this.

  • New York is a "blue state" everyone hates Bush here. Your preaching to the choir.
  • People need to go to work and school. My commute is enough of a bitch without having to worry about train delays because of protesters.
  • New York is dirty enough, do we need several hundred thousand unwashed masses roaming around, dropping their Starbucks cups all around?
  • The media will spin it like these are all New Yorkers, some will be I'm sure but that vast majority won't. Why do I have to suffer because some of you act like asses.
  • Shouldn't the NYPD be spending more of its time and efforts making sure some maniac doesn't try to blow up a building, instead of making sure some ultra-liberal college student isn't throwing a brick at a Baby Gap window?

Please come to our fair city. Eat drink and be merry. Peacefully protest. Don't fuck it up for everyone who just wants to go to work and then go home in the afternoon. Oh and by the way no one in New York wants the stupid Olympics coming here either.

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