Fire Art Howe!

This has been a very frustrating season as a Mets fan. It has been frustrating since Art Howe was hired two winters ago. I remember waiting online to get Edgardo Alfonzo's autograph at the Mets Store, it was bitterly cold. And rumors were abounding about who the next Mets manager would be. Lou Pinella was a possibility, but the Mariners wanted too much in compensation. And then there was Art Howe.

Howe had been the manager of the Oakland A's and had a triumberant of three great young arms. Even the worst manager in the world could win with Zito, Mulder and Hudson tossing shutouts and Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada and Eric Chavez having MVP caliber seasons behind them. And the worse case scenario was true. All that talent was not slowed down by Art Howe's utter incompetence.

Now when you go from running out a CY Young candidate 3 out of every 5 days to running out a bunch of 38-year olds and several never-will-bees the other two days. Your managerial "genius" shows. Anyway injuries have hampered Howe's time at the helm, but it is time for a change. This is a lethargic team. The leaders on the field are not loud and fiery. So they need someone loud and fiery in the dugout. Bobby V could have righted the ship. Anyway.

So I think it is time to fire Art Howe and bring back one of the fieriest men to ever wear a New York Mets Uniform - #6 Wally Backamn.

Backman has been managing and is becoming quite a success. He has street cred. He would light fires under this team. And maybe next year no one will be talking about trading Scott Kazmir, and the Mets will be playing meaningful games in September.

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