I just took a walk. To stretch my legs, to get some sun and I find no less than three rallies. There was a big one on 15th street (between 5th and 6th), there was a Pro-Life with opposing protestors in Union Square, and a second one on the other side of US. At the Pro-life one, they had this dude with a mega phone who was talking about how we are against god etc etc etc. The opposition was yelling "Bigots go home."

What probably outnumbered protestors were people selling stuff.

There are discarded flyers, and picket signs all over the place. Its a fucking mess, already. I wonder who is paying for the overtime for the sanitation department? Protestors? The RNC who wanted this convention here? Long Island and Upstate conservative, who think its great that the convention is in New York? No. No. No. Its me and other New York City residents. I guess those people are also paying for the three cops on every corner and the helicopters and the rental of the Fuji blimp? I don't think so.

This is what I am saying to the Protestors, delegates, pundits, anarchists, merchants "Get the fuck out of New York!"

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