New Word of the Day - part 1

New word of the day Blog Envy (blog 'en-vE) adjective : The feeling of hatred and envy towards other bloggers who get their blogs mentioned in the mainstream media.

In this morning's New York Times there is an article about these MP3 blogs and how record companies are trying to get them to post their songs. Apparently people from the record companies, will log-on and comment favorably about these songs. I guess to create buzz.

In a non-sequitor, why do we call them record companies? They don't make records. Probably calling them multinational multimedia uber-conglomerates is a little harsh.

I guess an extension of my "blog envy" has to do with hits. One of the sites listed in the article claims to get 2400 hits a day. I'd shit myself if I got that many hits. I guess my site is more of a niche site. Mostly for obsessive compulsive "nielphiles." Nielphiles (that sounds like a candidate for a future "New word of the Day".

I am such a fucking hypocrite, I talk about how this blog is just for me. And I don't care who reads it, but I obsess over how many readers I get. I post things just to get extra hits. I hold stuff with good key phrases until Monday when I know more people see the site, rather than on the weekends. This morning I didn't want to take the Disney umbrella, because I didn't want to look like a corporate shill. But maybe that's what I need. I want to sell out. I want to be quoted in the New York Times. I want to give people "blog envy".

This is the Times article, you need to sign up to see it, but its free, it takes 3 minutes and it lasts forever.

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