It's back!

Someone finally got purgatory.

Ani and I went to "the new" Queens Center mall on Saturday. I think it was Saturday, I had a 4 and a half day weekend, the days kind of merge together. Anyway I picked up the just released NHL2k5. I really like NFL2k5, incidentally I just finished my first season with the Raiders, I finished the regular season 15-1, my running back (Ricky Williams -who was acquired in a trade) won the MVP award and the rushing title. Sadly I lost in the first round of the second round of the playoffs. I think falling behind to the Titans made me throw more than stick to what got me there.

So after that crushing defeat, I threw in NHL2k5. It is hard. You need a Ph.D. to figure out the controls. But one thing that is really fun are some of the mini-games. In the "Skybox" which is just like "the Crib" in NFL, there is a shuffleboard table, air hockey and trivia machine. The air hockey is so fun, I actually got Ani to play. Its super fun. When I have some more time I'll learn how to play the regular game a little better.. But so far so good.

Jeopardy guy Ken Jennings is back. And as a nation we can all breath a little easier.

"Trekkies 2: The wrath of Starfleet Commodore Barbara Adams" has been released on DVD. I am so psyched. I need to pick it up at Best Buy one of these days. Here is Amazon's review.

As promised, the sequel to Trekkies presents an expanded universe of Star Trek fandom, and even curmudgeonly Klingons will enjoy this globetrotting trek of discovery. NextGen alumnus Denise Crosby returns as host of this sincerely appreciative survey of Trek enthusiasts from the U.S.A., Germany, England, Australia, Italy, Brazil, France, and even war-torn Serbia. Director Roger Nygard seizes the opportunity to revisit the most memorable fans from Trekkies, and Trek savants the world over will be delighted to learn that uber-nerd Gabriel Koerner is not only married but happily employed as a digital-effects modeler (go, Gabe!), while Whitewater juror (and Starfleet Commodore) Barbara Adams continues to exemplify the Prime Directive in Little Rock, Arkansas. Emphasis is duly placed on the charitable activities of Trek devotees (yes, the Trekkies/Trekkers debate continues to rage), while "filk" singers and Trek tribute bands are given props for their musical inspiration. Most importantly, Trekkies 2 meaningfully explores of the motivation, purpose, and appropriateness of Trek fandom in a world that is still light-years away from the benevolent idealism that Star Trek represents. Trekkies 3 (due a few years later) promises to expand the survey to Asia, Africa, India, the Middle East, and Russia. Could this be the start of genuine unification? --Jeff Shannon

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