Where is my cheap gas? When We left for Lake G, I filled up on cheap $2.05 gas in Queens. The only "bargain" gas I was able to fill up on was at the cheap gas place by Camp Alpine on our way back where we only waited 15 minutes to fill up on
$1.86 gas.

Why is gas more expensive now than it was before we invaded the second most oil rich nation in the world?

Just as a quick update ... yesterday on the way to tennis, we passed by the same gas station we filled up in on Friday morning and regular had jumped up to 2.23 up from 2.05. Eighteen cents in less than a week is a lt. I hope the "October Surprise" that there has been rumblings about is gas prices are going down, not that the GOP has been keeping Osaa Bin Laden in a hermetically sealed pouch in the trunk of Donald Rumsfeld's car. Posted by Hello

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