I'll tell you what sucks ... and here's a clue its not me at tennis

So I haven't posted in a few days. So I write this kick ass post earlier today. And then I must have closed the window I was typing in without saving because it is gone. That really sucks. I'll try to replicate it.

October 27th was a very historical day. It was the first time a World Series was played under a lunar eclipse. It was 18 years to the day that the New York Mets beast the Boston Red Sox in game seven of the 1986 world series. And last night the Red Sox won a world series (their first in 86 years) in a four game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals. The elderly will start dropping like flies in the New England area.

On Tuesday morning I went to a Diversity Workshop. It was quite good. And for a Disney meeting it went really fast. I don't think their intention of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on these training sessions is for the newly trained to make fun of it un-mercilessly. As punishment ... They have turned off all water on the 12th floor. I have to go up to 16 or out to the street to get de-caf coffee. What kind of bullshit is that!!

When I returned from the above mentioned training, I went upstairs to 13 just to relieve myself, and do you remember that scene in ET when the house was quarantined. Our main lobby looks like that. They are sending home pregnant women because they don't want any lawsuits. How about fix this place right. Every one of us would have fired the "builders" if they made this kind of messes in our own homes.

Tennis class was really fun this week. We actually got to volley with Phil our teacher. I was making way more of an effort than most in the class. I'm running all over the place. And I'll take a lesson I learned in diversity training. I respect and acknowledge the differences of the players in "Tennis 23". I accept that I am so much better than the rest of them, I am so not repulsed by their play.

I took a personality quiz today. It said my greatest trait is Modesty.

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