When I have time I'll post about the trip to Lake George or Lake JORGE as the kids say. But since we got back yesterday all I could think of is Tennis class on Wednesday. As Ani has said its at her old high school and the class is filled with mostly people our age and above, and for the first time ever I have been so psyched up about a "gym" class because it is very clear that I'm one of the better athletes in the class. Yes there are plenty of people in the class who can out run me. And I suspect there is at least a few who can hit the ball harder than I can (and that guy kept trying to do it). But as far as it comes to making solid contact and hitting the ball where its supposed to go consistently I think I'm well ahead of the curve.

I think my weakness is much like my weakness in golf I over think things that I should just let happen. When I'm thinking about hopping on the balls of my feet and getting into a set position I am often late on the ball and have to work it harder to make solid contact. But when I don't think about it I'm hitting it well and with authority.

I can' wait till this week when we learn overhead hitting, serving and of course grunting.

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