Today they announced the players who are eligible for induction into baseball's Hall-of-Fame. And since this is the first year that Keith Hernandez will not be on the ballot, I will champion yet another man for induction.

That man a former Rookie of the Year, a former #1 draft pick, the first Mets player to go 30/30, and a world champion. Darryl Strawberry.

Strawberry hit 335 homers during a 17-year major league career with the New York Mets and Yankees, Los Angeles and San Francisco. He was suspended from baseball in 1995 and 2000 for testing positive for cocaine and in 1999 following an arrest on a possession charge. He served 11 months in prison in 2002-03 for violating probation on a cocaine possession charge. Notice that his real troubles intensified after he left the friendly confines of Shea Stadium. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Strawberry who when he came up in 1983 from Tidewater his potential was labeled as unlimited. He was supposed to be an African American Ted Williams, but with more power and speed. His home runs were graceful though powerful like Patriot Missiles raining down on Baghdad. From 1983-1991, right field at Shea was the Strawberry patch. Though there was a love hate relationship between him and the fans (and often his teammates) but every major superstar in New York has that relationship at one point or another.

This endorsement only is valid as long as Darryl goes in as a Met. If he goes in as a Yankee, I spit on his induction and the Hall-of-Fame itself.

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