Happy thanksgiving

What I’m thankful for:

1. Ani-Because I am a pain in the ass to live with.
2. The health of us and our families
3. My friends and family
4. A great job with good bosses and mostly good co-workers
5. Halo 2-I guess I would have to say the XBox in its entirety
6. The song “Mama Said Knock you Out” by LL Cool J
7. Bizarre Weather patterns
8. Au Bon Pain coffee
9. MP3s
10. Rainbow Falafel on 17th street
11. My blog
12. McDonalds California Cobb salad
13. Baby E
14. No terrorist attacks
15. That thing Ani and I were just doing
16. Turduckens
17. The name Jermajesty
18. Rachel Ray – the food network’s sweetest dish
19. Mental Floss magazine
20. Meet the Press
21. Splenda – its splendid
22. The Sopranos
23. Respect of my co-workers
24. Magic Hat beer
25. The Electric Six
26. Opticohl
27. Cranberry Bliss bars from Starbucks
28. The New York Mets
29. My palm pilot
30. The $15 pen/stylus I bought for it
31. Broadband internet
32. The stylists at “Eddies” (formerly Marco and Eddies)
33. The delay feature on my digital camera
34. All impressions of Prince
35. The Family Guy on the Cartoon Network
36. My car
37. iTunes
38. Howard Dean
39. Mountain dew
40. My Sony headphones
41. Songs about Monkeys, Robots or Monkeys and Robots
42. Not being carded (wine or buying beer)
43. Being carded (Halo 2)
44. That pizzeria on 18th street that makes Salads
45. Tennis class
46. Nancy Grace (I’m sure she’s not on Scot Peterson’s list this year)
47. My sense of humor
48. Black scented candles
49. The comments on my blog
50. Not really freaking out when my bags were left in Canada
51. Over the top rope battle Royals
52. Drea De Matteo
53. 55 Million Americans – I have issues with another 59 (but even more with about 186 million others who didn’t even bother making a choice on Nov 2)
54. Ken Jennings
55. Bloody Mary’s
56. Go-Cart racing
57. Season 16 of the Simpson’s.
58. Will Farrell’s President Bush impression – particularly the use of the word “Terrorizers”
59. Star Wars and Indiana Jones Trilogies finally on DVD
60. Colin Powell finally leaving the mad house
61. Old Motorhead
62. The Red Sox finally breaking the curse
63. All the funny lines I’m getting out of the terrible renovation at work
64. McFarlane Sports Picks
65. VH1 clip shows
66. Chappele Show – BITCH
67. Fantasy Football (gives me something to worry about on Monday mornings)
68. Tina Fey, Jon Stewart and all other presenters of the fake news
69. he he
70. Loose fitting pants

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