I picked up HALO 2 yesterday. And wow! It's better than I had hoped. The campaign mode is really fun, similar to the old one but the changes are great. I cannot tell you guys how much I like the new weapons (and two handed mode). I can't wait to hook up Xbox Live, and battle with the Ridgewood extended area crew.

This morning when I was going to Au Bon Pan for my coffee. And as I was walking down 15th street and I found a Ping Putter. Good condition, just a little wet. I may have to wait till Monday when its dry to carry it home. Or I can hang onto it here, until I get an office and I can put here.

When I was walking to the train from the bus, some dude almost got hit by a car. The car was honking, people are yelling at him and this dude was in his own world. OK time to get some food.

I just read this quote about Halo 2 that just about sums it up .... "Welcome back to Earth, Master Chief. Please go shoot those aliens."

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