We the people ... are idiots

When I woke up this morning it was 254 -252 bush over Kerry with three states to go. Iowa, New Mexico and Ohio. The most current polling numbers show Bush ahead slightly in all three of those states. I'm fairly convinced that it's over.

Who is to blame. You can't blame Bush family cronies this time. You can't blame Kerry for ineffectively getting out his message. I blame the kids. That's right 18-24 year olds who seemed all hooted up to vote. "Hey P-Diddy is voting I'll vote too" but when it came to it didn't vote. In 2000 seventeen percent of that age group voted, last night? 17% of that age group voted. Ohh they'll vote in droves for American Idol but god forbid they have to get off their asses and leave the house to do something. Whatever indeed.

This election effects me but I would say not nearly as much as it would effect an 18-26 year old. I know there won't be Social Security for me, I've accepted that as a fact. If I knock up Ani-we are already married, we are planning on having kids anyway-the abortion thing is not an issue. When there is a draft (from what I've been reading) I'm too old to be drafted.

Who does this election hurt more? You got it 18-24 year olds. What you can't find a job and now your sick. We'll your shit out of luck health care is privatized bitches! Supreme Court Justice Renquist is on death's door guess who you are letting choose who gets to replace him.


And a message to all the terrorists out there look at our electoral map. There are all these red states who like how President Bush is handling the war on terror and preemptive wars in Iraq (then Syria, then North Korea etc etc). I know there is barely anything in those states, but look for something their and forget the New York's and Massachusetts' and California's and Washington's aren't we dealing with enough crap already.

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