Mickey, the internet, Rosa Parks, Dubya, Hoosers and Vladimir Putin

Check out and find "Morning Edition" its the show that starts at 6am NYC time. Since Monday they have had this series called "Digital Generations". And the first three segments have been so good. The first was about seniors going online in rural America, the second was about a 13 year-old-kid who is totally wired and part three is about post college age kids who can't deal without the high speed connections they were used to at school, and some project called "Disconnected Life without the internet". It is some bizarre stuff.

Listening to that third part, I realized I couldn't go back to dial-up. It would kill me. The people in the disconnected project say they read more when they weren't online. I never read newspapers anymore, I always get all my news from the net, but I read a lot of books. I'm about to finish a book we are publishing in the Spring called "The Hoopster" the first half was pretty bad, but I just couldn't stop reading the second half yesterday. I read on the bus and was sick for like an hour afterwards. I just couldn't put it down. I might need to take a walk over to the Strand and pick up some new books.

I love the name Putin.

Most historians date the beginning of the modern civil rights movement in the United States to December 1, 1955. That was the day when an unknown seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. This brave woman, Rosa Parks, was arrested and fined for violating a city ordinance, but her lonely act of defiance began a movement that ended legal segregation in America, and made her an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere.

Today is 1 year that I am here at Disney as a staff member.

I think the Canadians should shut the hell up when it comes to President Bush. As you know I hate Pres. Bush, but like him or not we are stuck with him. The Canadians who (along with Mexico) enjoy the security that the US gives to all of North America have no right to bitch and moan about Dubya. I have that right, I'll use this analogy. I can make fun of my slightly retarded family member, but you can't. So unless Canada wants to raise up an army and protect themselves, they can go back to eating syrup and complaining about the NHL lock out.

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