1st political post of the year

This is an open letter to Howard Dean who has announced he is running for Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, or whomever becomes the DNC chair.


The Democratic Party needs to stop shooting itself in the foot. We must keep the presidential primary season civil. Our candidates and supporters can’t viciously attack each other. There should be a gentle-persons agreement that during the primary a candidate can only talk about his or her own policies and vision for America, and not what this one has done or hasn’t. There were lots of supporters of candidates who did not get the nomination who stayed home because they felt that the wrong candidate was nominated, and that said nominees questionable tactics and rhetoric during the primary may have sunk a candidate with a legitimate shot at beating George Bush.

The Republicans don’t let the primary season become a feeding frenzy, they keep their base together, and as Democrats we need to be unified if we have any chance of taking back the White House and the Congress.

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