Hot Stove HA HA

With all the Carlos Beltarn stuff going on CNN has this great list of Free agent busts. Of course Number 1 was my least favorite Met of all time Bobby Bonilla, but number five (also a future Met) Mo Vaughn made me laugh, espeiclly the last lines.

Mo Vaughn, Angels, 1999 -- Anaheim made the Red Sox slugger the game's top-paid player with a six-year, $80 million deal. Vaughn sprained his ankle in the season opener and missed most of April, an unfortunate harbinger of his Angels stint. He hit a combined 69 homers his first two years but missed all of 2001 with a ruptured left biceps tendon before being shipped off to the luckless Mets. His career ended in 2003, but not his stream of mammoth paychecks. To add insult to injury, Disney CEO Michael Eisner testified in open court last month that his two worst personnel decisions were hiring Mike Ovitz and Vaughn.

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